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The Federal Water Resources Agency

approved by Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation # 282, dated June 16, 2004



The Federal Water Resources Agency is a federal executive body performing the functions related to rendering State services and federal property management in the sphere of water resources.

The Federal Water Resources Agency is under the authority of the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation.

The Federal Water Resources Agency within the specified scope of its activity exercises the following authorities:

organizes the redistribution of water resources of federally-owned water bodies;

organizes the development, conclusion, and realization of basin agreements on the restoration and conservation of water bodies;

organizes, in accordance with the established procedure, preparation and implementation of flood-control measures, measures concerning designing and establishment of water protection zones of water bodies and their littoral protective zones, as well as measures to prevent and eliminate the harmful effects of water;

organizes conduction of State examination of the integrated use and conservation of water resources in accordance with the established procedure, as well as of the preproject and project documentation for construction and reconstruction of utility and other facilities having an impact on the condition of water bodies;

of the owner of the federal property required for performing the functions of federal state power bodies within the scope of the activity established in item 1 of the current Regulations, including of the property transferred to federal state unitary enterprises, federal state institutions, and state enterprises within the jurisdiction of the Agency, in accordance with the procedure and within the limits specified in federal laws, acts of the President of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Russian Federation;

holds tenders in accordance with the established procedure and makes state contracts on placement of orders for the delivery of goods, execution of work, rendering of services, conduction of research, development, and evaluation work for the state needs;

performs the functions of the state customer of interstate, federal target-oriented, scientific and technical, and innovation programs and projects within the scope of activity of the Agency.

The Federal Water Resources Agency also performs other functions in accordance with the Regulations on the Federal Agency.



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